Yes, there was literature about zombies or zombie like creatures before movies. But, the movies brought horror and particularly zombies to a worldwide audience.  For close to a hundred years now, including silent films, the undead in one form or another and the more well-known “zombie” genre has taken hold in many a film affictionado’s mind. The Wikipedia entry for zombie movies credits “White Zombie” from 1932 as being the first full length feature film in the genre. A quick view of the Wikipedia entry delineates a list of dozens of films identified with zombies. Here are some zombie choices for you:


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I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and was graduating high school in 1968, the year when a big boost to the zombie genre occured. Locally, George Romero produced and directed “Night of the Living Dead” and zombie movies gained cult-like status. Consider viewing or adding this film to your zombie passion list.

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